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Hello to anyone who stumbles across this journal!
I'm so embarrassed about some of my old posts on here, please don't ever read them lol ORZ

I created this journal 5 years ago for the purpose of simply fangirling over my favorite Johnnys groups,
but now I'm reopening it for the use of translating :) 
Now that I'm in college and majoring in Japanese, I'm confident enough in my translating abilities to share it around!
I will probably only translate stuff relating to Johnnys Juniors and Johnnys WEST.

If you'd like to know more about me, just ask! Lets be friends!
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I figured I should sort my translations so things are easier to find since my tags are a little messy ^^; So here is a complete masterpost of all the translations I've done and what I'm working on next~! It's in order of when I posted the translation. I'll continue to update this post.
*Let me know if any links here don't work!*
*I accept requests but the time it takes to do it depends on how busy my life is~*
*Original Japanese for pretty much all of these come from
yoshiko-mama's scans*

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Hello lovelies ♡ Time got away from me this summer, so this will be my last translation until I'm settled back into college! I move back in to the dorm next week and then classes start already, so we'll see how that goes ^^; Enjoy these three sweet boys!
“If I decide ‘This is the girl for me,’ then I’m definitely going on the offense!”Collapse )
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I realized after starting on Potato that Wink Up from this month would be muuch faster to translate, so I'll probably do that instead of doing every member's parts from this. Too many bug kanji that I have to look up ^^;  But I did translate everyones ideal summer outfit combination for girls, so enjoy these ridiculous boys' opinions on that lol
By the way, if you read this, please comment with your favorite member in Travis Japan! \(^o^)/
Since there are (usually) 9 members of Travis Japan, it'd be nice to know whose parts you all want to read the most for when I might not have time to translate all 9 (obviously I'm biased towards Ryuya and Hiroki so I prioritize those, but I translate these for the people who read them here, since I can already read them myself ^^) Please let me know!

"Because if it’s the person I’m interested in, I don’t want to let anyone else take her"Collapse )
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Hope everyone is doing well~ I bring you yet another Travis Japan crosstalk, but this time its paired crosstalks (Excluding Aran as he wasn't with TraJa in this issue ^^;). Miyachika's date idea is hilarious xD
Couple notes: Kaji's hometown is Okayama, which is why its mentioned, and when Noeru says "marlin" he's talking about that fish with the scary pointy long nose xD.
Enjoy ♡ (I'm already working on solo parts from Potato next)

"It would become an unforgettable date, without a doubt! (laugh)"Collapse )
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Theres quite a few translator's notes in this one, sorry about that -.-; These crosstalks never fail to make me laugh so I hope you all enjoy it as well

"I suddenly got a phone call and was asked, “Where was Shime’s neighborhood again?”Collapse )
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久しぶりみんな~ Its been a while (^^;) Life was busy with school ending and then my trip to Japan, but I'm back now and settled in for summer break, so this is first of many translations to come xD These crosstalks are seriously hilarious, I can't handle it. Enjoy

"Ryuya: I want to go out with her! (A girl wearing Myuto’s same outfit)"Collapse )
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Next week is finals week, and then I'm finally free for the summer! Right after school ends I'll be in Japan for two weeks, but then I'll be back for good ^o^

Enjoy Otoutogumi and Anigumi describing each other xD Noeru's comments are hilarious.

"He's a whack-a-mole game that’s badly timed"Collapse )
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I meant to do more members parts of these scans, but school is getting crazy because the semester is almost over (-.-") I already finished these two so I figured I'd just post them though ♡ I can't wait for summer break!

"Speaking of perseverance, I think it’s just that my determination is really strong."Collapse )

It's been a while~! The semester is almost over here at university, so I've been really busy with school (-.-") I can never resist crosstalks where Ryuya and Hiroki talk a lot, so it was fun to take a break and do this ^o^ Enjoy~♡

"Somehow, an annoying thing has begun~♥ (laugh)."Collapse )
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